Imperial Triumphant (US) + Diskord (NO), Apr 4 Debaser Strand


Avant-garde metal band IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT let the musical heritage of their hometown of New York take place in a turbulent mix of influences where black metal meets jazz without apologies. The result is as raw and brutal as it is elegant. Here the decay of the big city and the nastiest essence of hell come together in a glass of golden champagne.

They have released six studio albums since 2014, but had a bigger breakthrough with 2020’s ’Alphaville’, where they worked with, among others, Tomas Haake from Meshuggah and Trey Spruance from Mr.Bungle to create one of the most interesting metal albums of recent years. It is both wildly experimental and immediately listenable and was named the tenth best of the year by Metal Hammer. Last year they followed up with ’Spirit of Ecstasy’, which challenges the boundaries of the band’s sound even more.