Blood Incantation + Vile Creature, Slaktkyrkan 12/7


Cosmic death metal band BLOOD INCANTATION from Denver, Colorado, brings the genre to places it rarely goes. With their virtuosic instrument whipping, they do not content themselves with throwing us into the deepest abysses but evoke a psychedelic whirlwind that pushes us through the fabric of existence and into the next dimension. It’s a world both archaic and futuristic, unlike anything we’ve seen before.Their innovative sound has received attention even outside the metal circles. On their newly released album Timewave Zero they take yet another unconventional step, into a landscape of bleak synth ambient. But this evening, we’ll enjoy the infernal drive and cosmic harmonies that they perfected on the previous album, Hidden History of the Human Race.

The Canadian doom metal duo VILE CREATURE opens the evening with a massive battering ram against the consuming apathy of modern life.