Full of Hell + Divide and Dissolve – Sept 14, Slaktkyrkan


Since forming in 2009 in Maryland, Full of Hell has been in a constant state of convulsion, grinding down and spitting out elements of grindcore, noise, death, hardcore and industrial electronics in cryptic formations on five acclaimed full-length albums and collaborations with heavyweights like Merzbow and The Body. With equal parts raw aggression and reckless experimentation, they have cemented their reputation as the absolute avant-garde of extreme music, without ever losing their sense of the direct and compelling. Despite an extensive touring schedule and a large, devoted audience, this is our first chance in almsot ten years to see them live in Stockholm. 

Melbourne duo Divide and Dissolve are out to shatter white supremacist, colonial power structures with a brutal sledgehammer of drone metal, driven by howling saxophones, guitars and drums. Through powerful music, they seek to give weight and validation to the voices of indigenous peoples, themselves representing Cherokee and Maori. Their third album Gas Lit attracted massive attention and in June 2023 the follow-up Systemic will be released.