CS + Kreme, Moonilena, KWC 92 – April 6, Nalen Klubb



Australians Conrad Standish and Sam Karmel create slow and hallucinatory music under the name CS + KREME. They seamlessly sweep across fields such as electronica from the early 00s, pulsating post-punk, ambient rituals, and midnight jazz. Around Standish’s characteristic bass playing, they attach a web of quietly seductive, deeply romantic soundscapes that immerse the listener in an emotional meditative state.

The album ’Snoopy’ from 2020 appeared on many end-of-year lists, and last year the sequel ’Orange’ was released. This will be the first opportunity ever to see them live in Sweden.


When Marlena Salonen is not DJ-ing around Europe, composing sound for art installations, and running the record label Moloton, she makes dreamy, slightly skewed house under the name MOONILENA. Her debut, ’Tiny Portals’ from 2021, was well received for its obvious sense of melody and warm lo-fi sound.

KWC 92

With dramatic synthscapes and driving futuristic rhythms, KWC 92 builds a dark cinematic fantasy that draws you into a neon-lit and rain-soaked metropolitan labyrinth.

With equally acclaimed and mysterious releases on the iconic New York label L.I.E.S all too many years ago, a sequel on The Trilogy Tapes is coming soon.