Holy Other (UK), Hus 7, Oct 24


A master of dark beauty is back after a long silence.

Last year, HOLY OTHER released their second album Lieve, nine years after the critically acclaimed Held and EP With U. The breakthrough release on legendary label Tri Angle was praised during a time when the term witch house was generously thrown around, but the music that David Ainley created has stood the test of time and still feels as close and deeply emotionally hitting, simultaneously ethereal and strongly physical, as foreign to genre division with broad influences from r&b, UK garage and house in a gritty atmospheric downtempo.

The new album is no exception. Recorded at Bidston Observatory on the British peninsula of Wirral, it takes advantage of the special acoustics offered by the cavernous basements and symmetrical wooden domes.

A decade after the last performance in Sweden, a new chance is now finally given to be enveloped by Holy Others’ intimately nostalgic fabric.